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BinLock - what it is...

The BinLock is a precision engineered device that can be fitted to wheelie bins and other wheeled bins. The BinLock enables the securing of the bin lid with a padlock.

To fit the bin lock all that is required is to drill one 10mm hole, slide the BinLock in and secure.

Full illustrated fitting instructions are included in the packaging. The BinLock should only take a few minutes to fit.

To help you decide which bin lock you require, please see the guide below. Most domestic bins take either a BL03 or a BL04. There is also the BL01 which is primarily for commercial bins, but may occasional be required for some domestic bins.

Which BinLock do I need? What type of bin have you got?
There are only two main types of domestic wheelie bin available. A binlock is available for each type.

The key to identification is the lid.

Twin Handle.
Lid or Lip handle.

Colour makes no difference to the binlock required for domestic wheeled bins.
Size is of no concern either, unless you have a very small bin, or a commercial size.

Image of BinLock
Lid or Lip handle bin

Use a BL03

Both the main picture and the inset have these types of handle.
One continues around the corners and the other only occupies the front of the lid.

Both lip/lid handle types requires BL03.

Image of BinLock
Twin handle bin

Use a BL04

Both the main picture and the inset have twin handles. The main picture shows recessed handles, whilst the inset shows handles proud of the lid.

Both twin handle types requires BL04.

Anything else to check for?.

It is worth checking the support webbing on the front of the bin, where it is lifted up by the refuse collection lorry.
What do we mean by this? See the pictures below. This is the view looking up the front.

Ideal! select appropriate binlock (according to lid) and fit between the webbing, near the centre of the bin.

Select and fit appropriate binlock between the rectangular webbing nearest the centre of the bin.
No rectangles.....

This kind of webbing is often found on commercial sized bins - not common on domestic wheelie bins.

If your domestic bin has this webbing type, then the commercial version BL-01 will work.

Do I need anything else?

To fit the binlock you will need a 10mm drill bit, which you can order for delivery with your binlock.

You will also need a padlock, which you can also order for delivery with your binlock.
If you have your own padlock, you need to ensure that the diameter of the shackle does not exceed 6mm.