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BinLock - what it is...

BinLock is a small unobtrusive device which can be quickly and easily fitted to most domestic wheelie bins.

Engineered from high quality stainless steel makes the bin lock very secure and rugged against damage.

The lock is designed to remain in place when using the bin, leaving you with both hands free to deal with the contents.

Proudly manufactured in the UK by an affiliated company, means that we can closely monitor quality and are directly involved with new design features.

Fitting the BinLock requires one 10mm hole to be drilled in the lip of the bin. The local councils we contacted welcomed any measures that can be taken in order to increase public safety and security. If you were to totally destroy your bin by any means, you would be required to pay your local council for a replacement.

Each bin lock comes supplied with fitting kit and full illustrated instructions. The only tools you require is a drill fitted with a 10mm bit (also available on our order form).

Any weatherproof padlock with a maximum shackle diameter of 6mm can be used with the BinLock. However, if you have more than one bin, combination locks are ideal;

  • small binlock logo the code can be set to the same or easy to remember numbers,
  • small binlock logo it saves from getting mixed up with various keys,
  • small binlock logo you don't need to remember to pickup the keys to open the bin - ideal when working in the garden.

UK regions our Customers have ordered for...

We also have satisfied customers in Isle of Mann, Jersey, Ireland and Australia too!