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WARNING! - Don't get fined
We all need to recycle these days, but throughout the Country, residents are being threatened with fines by local Councils, of up to £1,000 for over filling bins or having rotten food in their recycling bins, put there by passers by or fly tipping neighbours.
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* stop the fines

* prevent identity fraud

* no more unwanted rubbish

* hinder burglars

* inhibit 'would be' arsonists

Secure your bin now and fit a BinLock...

“I used to have passers by drop their unwanted takeaways and general rubbish in my bins all the time, but now I have fitted BinLock the problem has gone away” said Roy Day (83) of Devizes, Wiltshire.

He went on to say “BinLock is so simple to fit. All I needed was a 10mm drill to drill one hole and I’d fitted it in 2 minutes. They even supplied the padlock.”