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About BinLock

BinLock Ltd was the created out of necessity. It all started soon after the introduction of wheelie bins and the move to alternate weekly collections within our local area.

One day, a chap got talking to another chap, relating the concerns that his elderly father had about people putting rubbish in his bin. His father lived in a flat in a town centre, which made it very easy for other people to dump their excess rubbish in his bin. He was worried that he would get a fine for not recycling, through no fault of his own, and that the bin may also become so full that there would be no room for his own rubbish.

Heads were scratched and the problem was considered in order to find a solution. From this, a bin-locking device was conceived.

The first model was amazing, but a little complicated and expensive to manufacture. However, after further product refinement and testing, we issued a pre-production run of the BinLock devices to some people that we knew had experienced problems.

Fitting the device took just a few minutes, and in each case their bin-related problems ended.

Today, we are pleased to offer the BinLock to suit various types of domestic bins within our area, and are currently expanding our BinLock range to suit most domestic bins throughout the UK.

For further details, please contact sales on 01672 838157

BinLock Limited, Unit 2, Hatfield Farm, Oare, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4JE

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