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WARNING! - Secure your Wheelie Bin with a bin lock!

Believe it or not, reports are on the increase that people are going through our own wheelie bins not only to dump their unwanted rubbish, but to steal our personnal identities!

In addition, bins are being used by burglars as shopping carts to haul stolen goods away, and also by social reprobates who set them on fire for the thrill or the fumes.

Local Councils have been issuing fines to residents for overfilling bins or if they contain the wrong type of rubbish.

Bin Locks are an important deterrent that every household should have. They are inexpensive and can be fitted easily within minutes to secure your bin and give you ultimate peace of mind.

The original BinLock has been the trusted choice of hundreds of households throughout the UK since 2006. fitted on wheelie bins and do not damage your bin.

Protect your wheelie bin with a BinLock today!

  • small binlock logo prevent identity theft
  • small binlock logo deter unwanted rubbish
  • small binlock logo stop burglars hauling away your valuables
  • small binlock logo inhibit arsonists setting them on fire
  • small binlock logo avoid any potential fines

A photo of a wheelie bin fitted with a bin lock (the BinLock BL05 model)
A wheelie bin fitted with a bin lock (the BinLock BL05 model)
Secure your bin now and fit a BinLock...

“I used to have passers by drop their unwanted takeaways and general rubbish in my bins all the time, but now I have fitted BinLock the problem has gone away” said Roy Day (83) of Devizes, Wiltshire.

He went on to say “BinLock is so simple to fit. All I needed was a 10mm drill to drill one hole and I’d fitted it in 2 minutes. They even supplied the padlock.”